What is a cartocci?

Once you try a real authentic Sicilian cartocci, you may never look at a regular doughnut the same way.
cartocci ready on the pastry counter

Cartocci is a Sicilian spiral shaped donut coated with sugar and filled with a light ricotta or custard cream. The filling is the same as the cannoli from the same region.

We make fresh doughnuts every day here at the bakery, and one of the most popular is our cartocci. To make the cartocci, we use our basic yeast dough and stretch it into a ribbon shape. The dough is then wrapped around a small metal tube to create a spiral shape and a perfect hole in the middle that stretches the length of the dough.

Then the cartocci is fried (just like any other doughnut) to a light golden brown and then cooled. The metal insert is removed and then using a piping bag we squeeze our sweetened and flavoured ricotta mix into the crater of the cartocci. It is completely filled until you can see the creamy blend on both ends of the pastry.

Once filled, there is a light dusting of sugar, and the cartocci are ready for the pastry counter in our bakery.

cartocci doughnut

Be aware though that once you try a cartocci, a regular doughnut may not do the trick for you anymore.

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Francesca Bakery

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