Quality flavour, expert technique.

From April to September, we have a wide variety of artisan style, in-store crafted gelato flavours available by cone, cup or litre container.

“An 18th century Sicilian named Francesco Procopio Dei Coltelli was the most influential innovators in gelato”  – Wikipedia

Francesco and his team take their gelato very seriously, and have made Francesca Bakery one of the go-to places to get authentic gelato. In fact, Francesco has mastered this art so well, he travels the world training other businesses on exactly how to make world-class gelato!

Francesco Battaglia at a trade show preparing some of his world class gelato.

Francesca Bakery has invested a lot in order to produce world class gelato. To that end, Bravo (North America) is their choice for leading technology, resources and equipment for production of batters, custards, creams, and of course gelato.

As Bravo recognized the commitment to quality, creativity and recipe development at Francesco bakery, an ongoing partnership between the two companies has progressed to the point where Chef Francesco Battaglia frequently helps the company during trade shows or training events meant for other bakeries or stores that want to add gelato to their menu.

Francesco also develops his own gelato recipes, that are in fact always changing and improving, as well as introducing different gelato products like cookies, cakes and popsicles.

Francesco Battaglia

Executive pastry Chef, Francesca Bakery