Children's cake samples.

Our birthday or celebration cakes can also be designed specifically for that young person in your family. Whether it be for graduation, communion, birthday, sports, awards or holidays - we can tailor a specific design topped with a hand written icing message suited for the occasion.

We know your family is important to you, and we know how important it is for you and your children to create memorable celebrations. At Francesca Bakery, we believe in family, and we would love to be a small part of that special day for your kids.

These are just a few of our chicldrens birthday cakes - we've made thousands!

For all cake orders please call our catering line at 416-299-1174.

If baking is in your soul....

Francesca bakery employs young aspiring chefs, most of which have graduated from a recognized baking program. We support their growth by getting them to work on world class productions of cakes, pastry, cookies, chocolate and even gelato as part of the every day exposure to world class pastry,

bread and cake production. We see our apprentices as a way for them to grow here, and our company in turn learns from them with new ideas, techniques with a view to current market demands for products.We’re always looking to hire staff who are aspiring in their field, so if that’s you, come by for a chat.