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Our Bread is
Tasty, Fresh, and -

Angelo Battaglia watches over production of a wide variety of Italian and European breads, sticks and flatbreads every day.

Rounds and Ovals. Great for "breaking bread" at the dinner table, or cold cut sandwiches.
Baguette Parisienne
The classic French loaf that can be used for sandwiches, soups, canapes, and cheese bread.
Made by hand.
Fresh every morning. Call ahead to reserve.
Focaccia Flatbreads
With a variety of infused flavours and olive oil.
Onion Buns
We make a variety of different buns throughout the week. Call ahead to see what is available.
Portugese Buns
These crusty buns are excellent for deli cuts and veal sandwiches, but also go great with pasta.
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Fabio Battaglia trained under his father Angelo to learn the intricacies of making fresh bread every day at Francesca Bakery. From making yeast starters, mixing dough and ingredients, forming and proving the breads, then baking them in a state-of-the-art bread oven each morning.

It’s all part of having “the right feel” for the product as Fabio describes it, with a view to having each loaf come out of the oven looking amazing!

Just some of the varieties of bread you'll find here every day.

Starting a 5:00am every morning, our bread bakers get started with the daily production. Utilizing state-of-the-art baker ovens, it’s a continuous process with starters and bigas then mixing, rising, proofing, shaping and cutting into a variety of artisanal breads that you can choose from every day.

Stop on your way home and pick up your favorite loaf of fresh bread– and oh yes – call ahead to reserve it! Call – 416-299-1174

Angelo Battaglia

Owner, Head Baker