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Hot table and cafe.

fresh deli meats

Not only do we make our own fresh bread in store, that you can buy as a loaf, but we also use our authentic Calabrese and Focaccia breads to make real Italian style deli sandwiches. We have a variety of cold cuts and cheeses, and biting into one of these will send you straight to Italy!

A lot of place make lasagna, but do the make the sauce? Do they make the pasta sheets? Do they use only the best mozzarella and ricotta cheese. Well, yes WE do!


These are just a few of the items
you'll find on our hot table.


Our in-store made fresh lasagna will bring you right back to nonna's house. Fresh beef and sauce that we make as well as the pasta sheets, you'll get the freshest lasagna this side of the GTA.

hot table


We're known for our arancini which we make here daily. These are great as a side, but can be a meal in themselves. We make two kinds - meat and cheese (round) AND vegetarian (oval shaped).

Calabrese Sandwiches

We make fresh Calabrese bread daily, and use these light and crusty loaves to make authentic deli sandwiches using our wide selection of thinly sliced cold cuts and Italian meats.

focaccia crust pizza

Sicilian Square Pizza

Square pan pizza is actually a Sicilian thing! Yeah, and that's what we make here everyday using our fresh dough and a variety of toppings. They're all very good and make a great lunch!

Fish Fridays

You'll want to stop in to our hot table on Fridays if you like fish. From tempura style fish fry to seafood paella to our famous quick fry calamari, we always mix it up with fresh market fish and seafood.

Pasta Dishes

You guessed it - we make our own fresh pasta here too. Not just in the lasagna but also in our fettucine, linguine and penne dishes too. You'll find great recipes here with market vegetables and meats.

BBQ Chicken

We have a lot of big ovens in the back, and they are great for roasting whole and half chickens which are seasoned with fresh herbs and glazed with bbq sauce. Try them with our wedges!

Vota Vota

The vota vota is a folded flatbread filled with ricotta cheese, parsley and green onion. We then slice it in sections to make an authentic and tasty lunch - especially combined with one of our fresh salads.


We marinate our squid rings and then dust them up in a very light breading and quickly shallow fry them for the ultimate in crispiness, tenderness and flavour. Add a side and make it a meal!