Toronto Birthday Cake Gallery

Toronto birthday cakes come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, designs, fillings, bases, and icings. Have a crazy idea? Good! Give us a call, and we’ll make it happen. Just keeping in mind to plan far ahead for any custom cake design.

One good way to let us know what you’re thinking is to bring in a picture or clipping that illustrates what you would like. We do hundreds of birthday cakes each month – all with fresh product, but we make each one by hand and have a dedicated team that will make a picture perfect birthday cake just for you and your special birthday bff.

Our birthday cakes can be made from our fantastic catering menu cakes or customized like the ones you see here below. If you like a particular cake, you see below using the contact form to let us know which one. This way, we’ll know what style exactly you are looking for and can offer suggestions from there.

Our birthday cake team works with the best products and creates a large volume of birthday cakes each week. Not only do we make the base cakes of course, but we also make fresh custards, creams, and icings. This quality attitude helps ensure the cake you order for your friends or family will be the best quality possible.

For all cake orders, please call our catering line at 416-299-1174.