Francesca Bakery celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2024.

Over the years, Francesca Bakery has evolved into much more than a bakery. It's a culinary destination that boasts a full hot table with an array of dishes ranging from sandwiches and lasagna to fish and chicken delicacies.
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This year, our independent family bakery celebrates 30 years in business. In the same location since 1994, our commitment to quality products with a Sicilian flare remains our core focus. And we thank you, our awesome customers, for all the years of growth.

It was in July of 1994 that Angelo Battaglia discovered this location, already operating as a small bakery. However, sales could have been higher, the layout needed to be fixed, and the owner was overworked and ready to retire.

Seeing the potential of the location and somewhere he could follow his passion, Angelo used all of his savings to make an offer. Eventually, he convinced the owner to sell the business to him. This was an exciting time for Angelo and his young family. But work needed to be done.

Owner Angelo Battaglia in his bakery in Scarborough

Determined to breathe new life into the space, Angelo started making critical changes. Walls were knocked down, equipment rearranged, and a modern bread oven installed. The bakery’s physical transformation was just the beginning. Angelo’s dedication to his craft saw him working tirelessly, seven days a week, to redefine the bakery’s product line and improve quality and consistency. Since he was now the leader in the kitchen, he had complete control of all of this. Angelo introduced high-quality pastries, including cannoli, zeppole, cookies, marzipan and cakes. Each of these was a reflection of Angelo’s commitment to excellence and authenticity.

Over the years, Francesca Bakery has evolved into much more than a bakery. It’s a culinary destination that boasts a full hot table with an array of dishes ranging from sandwiches and lasagna to fish and chicken delicacies. The deli counter offers meats and cheeses sliced to order alongside a pastry and sweet counter filled with Sicilian and European cookies, pastries, and petit fours. The bakery’s offerings have expanded to include a full menu of birthday, celebration, and wedding cakes, alongside in-house chocolate and Panettone production.

Angelo’s passion for baking is mirrored in the bakery’s daily fresh bread and pastries, including croissants, cartocci, danishes, and more. The introduction of in-house gelato flavours and a full catering menu has further solidified Francesca Bakery’s reputation as a culinary icon in Scarborough.

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Francesca Bakery’s success is a family affair. Angelo’s dedication has been followed through by the involvement of his family. Francesco, Angelo’s oldest son, joined the bakery in the early 2000s, bringing a world of pastry expertise as a globally trained chef. Now leading the bakery production, Francesco continues to innovate and inspire. Fabio, who is Angelo’s other youngest son, started working full-time in the bakery in the mid-2000s, taking on the roles of store manager and overseeing marketing and administration, ensuring the bakery’s seamless operation and growth. Francesca, Angelo’s wife and the bakery’s namesake has been a pillar of support, lending her hands and heart to the bakery’s operations, especially during challenging times like the pandemic when the community needed them most.

Chef examines the yeast

As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Francesca Bakery, we’re not just celebrating a business; we’re celebrating a legacy of passion, dedication, and community. Angelo still finds joy in making bread daily, embodying the spirit of craftsmanship that has been the bakery’s hallmark since its inception.

Francesca Bakery has become more than a place to buy bread; it’s a community hub where memories are created, traditions are honoured, and the simple joy of delicious food is shared. As we look to the future, we’re excited to continue this delicious journey, honouring the past while embracing new flavours, experiences, and memories.

Here’s to 30 years of Francesca Bakery and many more to come. Join us in celebrating this significant milestone, and let’s raise a toast (or a cannoli) to the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Cheers to the past, present, and future of Francesca Bakery, where every bite tells a story of family, community and good times.

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Francesca Bakery

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