Pastry Chef

The Chef behind all of the sweet creations that customers have been coming back for again and again for years now.

Francesco Battaglia started working at the bakery when he was very young. Working alongside his father Angelo Battaglia and other experienced bakers, he started learning the art of baking bread, pastries and cakes while also understanding the authentic Sicilian way of doing things.

Since he knew this was his passion, he enrolled in Culinary Arts at George Brown College, where he learned a more well rounded foundation in all types of foods. To advance his craft even more, he did an apprenticeship in Palermo Sicily with with Master Pastry Chef Salvatore Cappello at his world famous bakery Pasticceri Cappello.

In addition, Francesco has taken numerous courses all over the world taught by famous pastry chefs – learning about new trends, techniques and products. Never one to be left behind, his philosophy to food is “If you stop learning, you’re falling behind” and this has expanded his skill set to wedding cakes, chocolate, candies, jams and one of his favorite projects – gelato.

Francesco’s gelato skills are so widely thought of, Bravo North America – a manufacturing company – often hires Francesco and sends him all over the continent to train other professionals how to produce their own premium gelato. Francesco also worked closely with famed Milan chef Valter Tagliazucchi to develop the bakery’s Panettone products. Francesca Bakery sells Panettone in the store but also to popular retailers across the city.

Francesco’s influence in the store is noticeable all around because his standards are very high. It’s also why we make everything from scratch here. It’s skill, dedication and a passion for excellence. So when you are looking for the best quality products, whether it be pastries, cakes, cookies, chocolate, gelato, wedding cakes etc., we have world class skill, right here in our little bakery.