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The panettone made at Francesca Bakery are made with high-quality imported ingredients, time-honoured processes, and artisan experience passed down through generations.
panettone traditional

UPDATE December 2023:

Chef Francesco Battaglia announces this Holiday season’s panettone lineup. These delicious, hand-crafted panettones are made with natural, aged yeast in sourdough, fermented using a slow three-day process. We then mix in the highest quality ingredients while baking and balancing the panettone in the very package you receive it in.
Our flavours for the this season are:

Traditional Milanese Panettone with golden raisins, candied orange and lemon peel, candied apricot – $45.00

Traditional with Almond Glaze with golden raisins, candied orange and lemon peel, candied apricot – $50.00

Olive Oil Panettone (dairy-free) – golden raisins, candied orange and lemon peel, candied apricot –  $50.00

Black Forest Panettone – dark chocolate dough, candied Amarena cherries, white chocolate chips, white chocolate kirsch glaze – $55.00

Piemonte Hazelnut Panettone – Brown butter and Piemonte hazelnut dough, candied apricot and orange peel, toasted hazelnut pieces, Gianduia glaze –  $60.00

The panettone dates back to the 15th century but has roots even earlier in the Roman Empire, where basic cake “bread” was sweetened with honey. Since these times, popes and emperors have been served variations of this buttery, leavened dough, particularly around Christmas. The prestige of the panettone developed culturally and became a Holiday tradition in Italy. 

By the middle of the 20th century, panettone was the most popular treat to enjoy at Christmas. This widespread appeal was partly due to enterprising chefs in Milan that refined the appearance, texture and process of making panettone and then mass-produced it for the rest of Italy.

Watch Chef Francesco create our famous, authentic panettone right here in our Scarborough bakery.

special yeast for panettone
Chef Francesco Battaglia examines the panettone yeast he originally imported from Italy.

Chef Francesco spent time with Valter Tagliazucchi, friend, master panettone maker and owner of Pasticceria Giamberlano in Pavullo nel Frignano, a small town in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, south of Modena. His goal was to perfect the art of panettone making and bring it to Toronto. Valter’s catch phrase with regards to panettone is “solo con i migliori” which translates to “only with the best”. A reference to his choice of uncompromising quality of ingredients and techniques, which he has instilled in Francesco.

Italian chefs with dough
Chef Valter Tagliazucchi & Chef Francesco

The panettone made at Francesca Bakery are made with high-quality Italian ingredients, time-honoured processes, and artisan experience passed down through generations. Our bakery also uses natural yeast that was cultured in Italy over 50 years ago.

Panettone is baked at a low temperature after fermenting for 3 days.

Panettone is not just a recipe; it’s a craft. The specialized dough texture, leavening balance, delicate baking and resting steps leave no room for error. Our dough has been carefully crafted, with a slow three-day fermenting process. This creates that notable, delicate texture and flavour the world’s best panettone are known for. 

panettone almost ready
Panettone to hang upside while cooling to avoid collapse of the rich dough.
Chef Francesco Battaglia making Panettone

Panettone Menu for 2021 Holiday Season

After much research – including trial and error, along with invaluable mentorship, patience and perseverance, Francesco Battaglia is proud to offer this season’s flavours.

Panettone Flavours:

  • Tradizionale – classic panettone with candied Sicilian lemon and orange peel, golden raisins and candied apricots, and an almond glaze

  • Black Forest – Dark Chocolate panettone dough, with candied amarena cherries, white chocolate chunks, and a white chocolate kirsch glaze

  • Triplo Cioccolato – Dark chocolate panettone dough, intense dark chocolate chips, dark chocolate glaze and chocolate vermicelli

  • Nocciolato: IGP Piemonte hazelnut and brown butter panettone dough, with candied apricot and orange peel, toasted hazelnuts and gianduia glaze with caramelized hazelnuts
Panettone are available in our Scarborough bakery now through the Holidays.

Look for our new packaging. Our elegant boxes are great for Holiday parties, family celebrations and office gifts. Call 416-299-1174 for all of your Holiday treats and pastries.

panettone box
Picture of Francesca Bakery

Francesca Bakery

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