Our cafe and hot table staff work hard to serve you.

Maria and staff work the cafe and hot table service Monday to Friday. It's a lot of hard work, but once in awhile they take time out to have a good laugh!
Maria makes a cappucino

Our front of house service staff work full time to provide our customers with great service for our hot table, cafe, bread, deli and bakery stations. Sometimes the job seems never-ending, especially during busy lunch hours or annual holidays, but we’re very proud of our team and appreciate their hard work.

“When it get’s busy you have to be on top of things around here, because our customers are in a rush too!” Says Maria, one of the long time employees at Francesca Bakery. “It’s just like at home with a big family – you’ve got to get everyone moving and helping each other out!”. 

Bakery FOH staff

When the ladies get a moment of fun!

A lot of the team members have been here for a long time, and many others are students that have come and gone through the years, putting themselves through school. Whether it’s making cannoli, putting together pastry selections, packing fresh focaccia, making cappuccino, or serving our hot food from the hot table – all the staff learn to move quick and squeeze by each other in tight places all day long.

It definitely makes for a great place to work and to see the wonderful food, pastry, cakes and bread that are made in a truly authentic Italian bakery.

Picture of Francesca Bakery

Francesca Bakery

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