Francesco Battaglia is going for the “Best Gelato in Toronto”

Gelato for 2024 - we have some exciting new flavours adding to our gelato counter. Francesco collaborated with master gelato maker Angelo Grasso from Milan
master gelato maker grasso

Recently, Chef Francesco Battaglia of Francesca Bakery invited master gelato maker Angelo Grasso to collaborate on some new flavours and techniques for this season’s line-up of gelato at Francesca Bakery. Mr. Grossi, who has worked all over the globe as a consultant and teacher, as well as a representative for Bravo, a worldwide recognized name in gelato technology, welcomed the opportunity to reunite with Francesco and worked at the bakery for a week this past April.

Francesco Battaglia, also a trainer and representative for Bravo met Angelo before in their worldly travels. When asked why he invited Mr. Grasso, Battaglia explained that “recipes and procedures for gelato are always evolving. It is one of the most complex food products to produce and master. That’s why Angelo is here this week. I am always looking to improve the flavours, the processes, the texture and the stability of our gelato. We’ve had excellent gelato here for years, but this year I felt I needed to make sure it was the best gelato in Toronto. That is my goal.”

"...but this year I felt I needed to make sure it was the best gelato in Toronto. That is my goal."

What is the difference between gelato and ice cream?

Gelato generally has more intense flavours because it is churned at a slower rate than ice cream, resulting in less air being incorporated into the final product. Also, gelato uses more milk than cream and fewer eggs – if any, when compared to ice cream. The result is gelato having a more intense flavour of the product that is its base flavour, as well as a smoother texture.

New Flavours of Gelato

As a result of this collaboration, Battaglia and Grasso have introduced a full line-up of some new and all improved flavours of gelato. In glancing through the first batch in the gelato display released last week, customers will find Double Espresso – which has an impactful up-front coffee flavour that leaves you wondering if you just had an espresso or a gelato. Blueberry-Pomegranate not only produces intense deep purple colouring but one teaspoon will send your brain swirling into a basket of freshly picked fruit. The coconut gelato, although not new has a stepped-up flavour reminiscent of pina colada, and is a favourite among the staff. The Strawberry sorbet uses so many fresh strawberries; it is a hard choice to pass up. It is smooth yes, but has a rustic texture which only further adds to its complexity of layered flavours. Francesco also mentioned using more savoury products in the gelato too, and this is noted in the pickled pear gelato current available. There is also a (technical miracle) dairy-free chocolate sorbet that will fool anyone into thinking they are tasting nothing but rich chocolate and cream.

We do not forget our customers who love the standards such as chocolate, limone, raspberry, French vanilla, tiramisu, hazelnut, pistachio and mango and have improved the recipes in all of these products as well.

The gelato season is now underway, and the staff and management at Francesca Bakery welcome you to come in and enjoy the craft that is our gelato.

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Francesca Bakery

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