What is Canele Pastry?

A traditional French pastry using a vanilla custard base that is steeped with a liqueur for a couple of days, then baked.
Canele French P{astry

Francesco and his team are at it again, bringing you new treats and sweets every week! This week they re-created a traditional French pastry known as canele. Striking in its appearance because it is baked in an upright mold that has a distinctive ridge to the outer edge. The canele starts out as a simple custard mix with a strong accent flavour of vanilla beans which is a result of the mixture steeping for 2 or 3 days before baking – that’s the difference.

At this stage there can be additional flavours – particularly liqueurs like Grand Marnier or Triple Sec. After the steeping then a crispy bake to give colour and shape to the canele. The entire bakery smells like vanilla when these pop out! Ideally, you’ll want to stand them up and garnish with some fresh berries, sugar or even a little ice cream.

We used rum in ours and they turned out exquisite!

Picture of Francesca Bakery

Francesca Bakery

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