Fresh beer battered fish fillets make Fridays even more  exciting to look forward to!



As the name suggests, we have a variety of fish and seafood dishes that rotate on our hot table every Friday. Our customers have come to love tasty selections such as deep fried cod or haddock, deep fried small fish smelts, stir fried shrimp pasta, seafood rice paella and our famous crispy calamari that is lightly dredged and quick fried to a light brown.


Fish on Fridays is as traditional as... well..  us. We love making these favorites and hope to see you soon on ANY day!

This is why people go crazy here on Fridays! #FishFridays

It's a typical Friday catch on our hot table!

We often combine shrimp and pasta together for a great lunch!

This seafood paella has clams, mussels, fish and shrimp - along with a little spice!


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Gelato season is here! See how Francesco makes it!


All about our famous cannolis - it's what we're known for.


#Fishfridays on the hot table. Have a look at our typical selection



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